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One Japanese internet friend show the images how her cats warm itself

Recently one Japanese internet friend showed lots of images that her cats use their tails as scarves to warm itself, very adorable

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This winter, they would be not worried the room without air conditioner

They would be a couple of lovers.

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Hottest Accessory for Summer

Spring&Summer is coming, scarves lovers know what means: taking the lightweight scarves out of drawers. I bet you already think so many ways to wear them everyday. 

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And if you do, custom scarf factory is a great place where you can find more cheap but good quality scarves you never see before, not only get what you dream, but also you will learn more new and amazing ways to tie your scarves.

Polyester scarves are great, because easier to match with, you also can wear them by so many ways, wear them like a cloak, on the head as the headband, around the waist as a belt, or the hand as the bracelet, even you can bind them to the bag, some snoods ( infinity scarves) will win you a chic look.

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In the street, you have to focus on the scarf styles, fashion senses, and personality, because you only feel sexy when comfortable. Take a dress in a neutral color, gray would be good color option, wear not banal look accessories in bold colors.

Dress would be nice for a lunch with your friends. In summer, pants are trendy which must not avoid. A white blouse, simple, yet effective and a stylish jacket with an interesting model is the perfect combination for top of the outfit. Regardless of your choice, a silk scarf will bring a touch of elegance and it will make you stand out.

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