Beautiful designs, including the scarf that bespoke in our china scarf factory

Here today let's see some women clothes designs that are from our design team.

By the way our design team also develop some scarf designs that already sell to so many brands, wholesale and retailers.

2015 Trending colors for your reference, it will be more helpful when buy the clothes or accessories.

The trending color for the last S/S seasons are mainly pink color, but for 2015, what colors will be the most popular? Some cool tone are added in this year's colors. more rich colors for this S/S, but our design team prefer the neutral colors, the bright colors still keep in the forefront.

Let's see what colors will be the trending for the next season, maybe your love colors will be there, too.


Poppy Red

Electric Blue

Bottle Green

Pomelo Red

Luxury gold

For the above colors, we have some scarves recommend to you as follows:

Hope you like them.


For 2015, would you like to be the fashion insider? like to be more attractive in the streets?

For the cold winter and new year is coming, will you have your own fashion? Maybe one scarf can add more fashion to you or let you more attractive to others.

For 2015, more people like to know what colors will be more fashion, according the fashion colors, they will choose the clothes, pants, accessories, scarves, socks, etc.

Here we will recommend you some colors that will be more popular in 2015, just for your reference.

For these fashion colors, we prepare some relevant scarves options for you, or you could customize your own color options in our china scarf factory. Hope you can find some belong to yourself.

Would you like to wear the scarf with the prints you design? Our china scarf factory can help you.

Would you like to wear the scarf with your own custom scarf designs? Or like more people wear the scarves you design, maybe we can help you, small orders are welcome in our china scarf factory. Just feel free to contact with us.


Leopard viscose scarf bespoke in our china scarf factory, Longland, the leading and professional scarf manufacturer, scarf supplier in China

When mentioned to the scarf, people will catch up with the leopard scarf, yes, it's the most fashion element that international designers often use, it can match with more clothes, not only suit for the fashion expert, but also for the ordinary people. More color options bespoke in our china scarf factory, Longland, the leading and professional scarf factory, scarf supplier in China, have more than 10 years experience in the scarf industry,high quality but cheap prices that win us more customers.

Paisley scarf with the super soft viscose bespoke with so many fashion trending colors, infinity scarves are welcome to customize in our china scarf factory, the professional scarf supplier.

Paisley elements are very popular these years, often used for the scarf prints, this time our scarf design team thought a new idea to perfect it, see the below paisley scarf designs, the colors can change based on your requirements. You will love it, you know, wear one scarf with your favorite colors, that should be very cool. Also it's made by the viscose fabric with the super soft handle feel, keep warm and cozy for this cold winter.


Scarf printing techniques in our China scarf factory

The third step is to print the scarves, actually there're so many different kinds of printing technique for the scarves, but here we will show you about three ways that usually use.

1) Screen printing-Machine
From the last step, you should know if print, the new screens are necessary, because the dyes have to permeate into the fabrics through the screens that open before. The below pics are for your reference.

2) Screen printing-Hand
The printing techinque of hand screen printing are mainly used in the hard, complicated prints or detailed patterns, you know, the hands can control the pressure that try to let the dyes all permeate into the fabrics back.

3) Circle printing
The circle printing techinque mainly use for the simple pattern, less colors on the scarf, high perfermance and save the costs.

More info about the scarf printing techinque, just ask us or discuss with us.

Is it a cool thing for one custom scarf with your country map? Also more colors options for you

The scarf with the world map, is it cool? you know, if have this scarf, it's very helpful and meaningful that you never carry the paper map when travel the world.

Now with the development of scarf printing technique, the printing can be more detailed that your country map also can bespoke in our scarf factory,imagine that you wear the scarf with your country map, as we see, is it a good way to attract others to talk with you about your scarf and you.

With pleasure to receive more maps from all over the world, including you.


Sports car worth millions of dollars that use to sell the scarves

Morning of 5th, Jan, 2015, in Suzhou city, a gold color cool sports car parked on the side of road, a men set up a temporary stall to sell scarves, mainly ladies scarves, pashmina scarf and cashmere scarf, etc. selling to the passerby, especially lots of fashion girls stopped and had a look, but paid more attentions to the car that worthy at least millions of dollars.

According to the informed people said, the sports car owner named Mr. Tian, rich through sold the clothing before, now try to experience the before life when he was poor.

wool scarf with the digital printed technique bespoke in our china scarf factory

Great news for all the fashion buyers or sourcing manager, now you have better scarf factory options, especially for your custom scarf or artworks.

Longland, the professional china scarf factory, good at bespoke scarf based on your own custom scarf designs with high quality but very lower costs.

The below two stylish wool scarves are just for your reference, your designs are welcome to bespoke in our china scarf factory.


China scarf factory scarf with the 65% cashmere and 35% silk, super soft and silky handle feel that you never experience before

For the cashmere scarf, maybe you think they're too expensive for the market, also sometimes it's really hard to find the real 100% cashmere scarf, you know, too many china scarf factories choose the wool scarf to pretend the cashmere scarf for the large profits.

Now we've a better idea for you, the scarves with the 65%cashmere and 35%silk materials, you know, perfect designs, contain both feel, super soft handle feel of cashmere and silky feel like the silk.

Also with your own beautiful designs on, more outstanding as we see. More details, just feel free to let us know, let's work together to produce more popular products.

China scarf factory with custom cashmere scarf

Refer the cashmere scarves, would you like to have them with your own designs? Maybe some china scarf factory don't like to do the small qty for you, or the quality is bad that can't accept, or high prices that to the sky.

No worries, we will help you with the small order, longland is the leading professional china scarf factory, specialized in bespoke scarf based on your own designs. High quality but competitive prices, best scarf supplier choice for you.

The below style that we show you for reference, of course all the details can be customized as your requirements.

Welcome to contact with us.