For all people, 99.9 percent of their DNA are the same as others, however,it doesn't mean we're totally same, you know, traits and apperance.  Zero point one percent makes each person different from others. Measly 0.1, consider that humans have 50 percent of  DNA same as bananas,about 84 percent same with dogs.
Company named Dot One, build by designer named Iona Ingles,  as the celebration of what makes people unique. hopes to turn it into an interesting visualization, they illustrates people's DNA as a design on posters, scarfs and tartan.

Only by a simple cheek, people can submit their DNA to Dot One. The company use a genetic testing facility called 
AlphaBiolabs for profiling. Then the lab will scan for stretches of genetic code(STRs), different in a unique way for each person.
Testing facility called AlphaBiolabs create a fingerprint with 23 STRs and they claim each fingerprint is definitely different 
from anyone else.Dot One matches each STR with a numerical value, which is matched with a color, finally the pattern is created. 

By this way,the DNA turned into the pretty interesting visualizations, especially for scarf patterns.
Now get your STR and buy one scarf with your DNA, truely an amazing gift.

News come from China scarf factory